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AEAC’s Executive Director Spike Dolomite Ward and Councilman Dennis Zine

Thank you to everyone who has supported AEAC and our Executive Director, Spike Dolomite Ward, during this very difficult year. She is finished with her cancer treatment and thanks everyone for their support.

To make a donation by the end of the year, please donate to Firstigiving by clicking here, or you can make a direct contribution via paypal here. Donate Via Paypal

Mission Statement

Our mission is to restore a complete arts education program to the public schools of the San Fernando Valley by developing and implementing curriculum, and supporting and celebrating activities and events, in art, music, dance, and theatre for all students. Arts in Education Aid Council will always remain independent of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Vision Statement

We believe
that a well-rounded public education must include the arts in order to develop the kind of innovative thinkers in demand for the 21st century. Now more than ever, a 21st century education relies on the arts to foster the type of thinking that will keep the US in the forefront of the rapidly changing world economy.

We believe that arts education is the right of every child and that no child should be denied access to the arts because of economic status; therefore the arts should be funded the same as other subjects. The arts play an important role in human development; without them, students experience a disconnection on many levels.

We believe the arts promote creativity and humanity in the learning environment. Children who are given the opportunity to grow in their creative expression generally have a positive attitude in school. Enjoying success in school improves self-esteem, as well as relations with peers, teachers, and school personnel.

We believe that children learn in different ways; however, the current educational model primarily develops the mode of learning best measured by standardized tests. If success in school is determined by being labeled as "academic" (successful), then students labeled "non-academic" (not successful) are being marginalized, underserved, or misdiagnosed. The one-size-fits-all system is failing them.

We believe that children in crisis find healthy ways to express themselves through the arts.

We believe the arts provide an important insight into other cultures. By introducing students to these cultures through art, music, dance, and traditional practices, they have an opportunity to learn about and respect those different from themselves.

Finally, we believe that our organization can effect long-lasting, sustainable change in school communities because we are independent of the Los Angeles Unified School District and the local, state, and national laws constraining it. We are able to work with schools on an individual basis, bringing services directly to children from the "bottom up." We are not imposing our vision from the “top down.” We are responsive to each school’s needs, and able to design appropriate curricula for that school community. As our organization continues to grow, we will adopt more schools, thereby transforming one school at a time through comprehensive art programs.

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